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Vocal coaching

Vocal coaching

Vocal technique, voice development & regeneration for solo, choral and young singers in all genres

Mental & physical preparation for auditions, performances, recordings and tours

Interpretation & improvisation

Being talented is a gift. What do you want to do with it? How do you want to use it? Do you sometimes have the feeling you would like to express, realise or achieve a lot more but don’t know how? Creativity and inspiration can flow freely if you know yourself and your voice really well. Professional vocal technique makes you courageous, independent and assured. Combine it with the joyous discovery of interpretation and charisma and you become unmistakable. Your body is your instrument. Learn how to play it.

Vocal coaching takes place in my studio in Graz, in Vienna or online via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp video call.

How do we work online?

If it isn’t possible for you to come to Graz or Vienna or if you are currently on tour, we can work online. Step by step I’ll explain how to find your way to your own, best sound. Similar to online fitness training, for instance, I will take you through efficient exercises tailored specifically to your requirements. The success of this work is based on the formula understand–use–integrate, since the sound is just the result. I’ll show you how to achieve that.

“… Training using Skype works brilliantly too thanks to Lisa’s professionalism and commitment, so when I was abroad for a long spell I didn’t have to miss our sessions and was able to make good progress! THANK YOU Lisa!!” Katharina Dunst

A price list is available here.


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