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Life’s stage – learn to enjoy public speaking

Think you haven’t got any “natural talent”? That you’re not a “born speaker”, not “stage struck”, that you don’t have the “gift of the gab”? Surprise yourself. You can learn to come over authentically. Your voice coaching in Graz: I’ll show you how to discover and live the strengths of your own voice and performance. The best thing is – it’s like riding a bike. Once you’ve experienced it, it automatically develops further and further and gets easier and more enjoyable every time. Standing in front of people with self-assurance and receiving their full attention is simply a great feeling!

Transform your experience

In focussed individual sessions you will experience and learn tools tailored to your requirements that you can flexibly use and expand in your life. These step-by-step techniques have a transformative, strengthening, awareness-raising and balancing effect on many levels. Without you having to make any conscious effort, your skills will continue to develop over the days and weeks to come, becoming refined and integrated into your work and everyday life. What sounds almost like magic is profound, personal work on your body and awareness.

Just bring yourself

We’ll make use of your developing strengths on the basis of your uniqueness and distinctiveness. We’ll then carefully and respectfully transform the anxieties and weaknesses you think have so that you quite naturally RADIATE your inner strength and ability. You’ll BE confident and self-assured – much more than just SEEMING it! Successful speaking is just around the corner – for you too!


Practical, immediate help for stage fright, “black out”, self-doubts and fear of failure.


You can find tips, information and inspiration on the subject of charisma – available in German – here on my blog.

Voice training

Learn to understand and use your own voice with precision. Do you want to feel assured and good while speaking? To be heard with ease? To be able to speak for a long time without tiring? To persuade and inspire people with your own, authentic timbre? Discover your voice and enjoy its strength and impact!

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