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Solo singers:

„I was taken with Lisa from the very first hour. She was able to get my rusty voice back on form in no time and give me confidence and pleasure in singing. Her humorous and empathetic manner quickly removed my initial uncertainty; the singing lessons with Lisa increasingly became the highlight of my week. She shows great skill and experience in that she doesn’t miss the slightest thing going on in the throat, but always with great tact and positive reinforcement. Her pithy way of expressing herself, for example (red wine) barrel breathing or luxury breathing, helps me remember the exercises for at home and sing with joy. Using her tips on technique, I have been able to vastly improve the size of my voice and I can now sing for several hours once more without getting hoarse.

Thank you Lisa, you have opened up a door for me and given me back my enjoyment of life! I can only recommend you wholeheartedly.“



I love to work with Lisa from the first moment. She has huge knowledge, she is sensitive, and gives her knowledge to you on many levels. When you work together it feels very organic, and natural, and it´s a lot of fun also. She has a style of teaching, that always when you are ready, when you integrated, what you have learned and it is really “yours”, you get the next information. Your development will be not linear, but natural, like how everything grows in nature (in wachsenden Ringen). If you take this path, it will be a joyous one, full with aha-experiences, and you will get to know better your body, your patterns and your voice.“



“Lisa’s work is exciting, personal and empathetic and reveals to me further secrets about my voice. Above all, what I experience in the vocal sessions is also the development of my personality. There’s no hiding – everything comes to light ‘unadorned’. That spreads to everything else I do … very exciting (if not always pleasant) and sooo important! You take so much away with you that you can also use in your life. Genuinely enriching. After the sessions I feel great. Singing with the band yesterday went great. Thanks!”



“When I came to Lisa Cristelli I just wanted to learn how to improve my breath control. However, her method has meant that the vocal technique I had learnt was turned on its head (or to put it better, from the head to the upper body ;-))! And a good thing too – it’s fascinating how easy “natural” singing is, as opposed to the many “techniques” that are normally taught (singing in the mask, resonators, projecting the voice, etc.). The method Lisa Cristelli is passing on liberates vocal technique and what could be more beautiful than your own, ‘unmanipulated’ voice?! I’m very grateful to be able to follow this new path with her in order to be able to further develop my vocal potential. I can recommend Lisa Cristelli to others without reservation as a professional vocal coach and as a warm-hearted and inspiring person!”

Dr. Catherine Burggraf


“Lisa is simply great! I had sung for some years and then lost pleasure in it after a small ‘vocal trauma’ and stopped. Then (a few years later) I came across Lisa and I’m so grateful I did! Along with her magical, energetic nature she also teaches a fantastic technique! Singing suddenly feels completely free and easy – my pleasure in this art has suddenly returned and I feel uplifted and happy after each lesson!

Training via Skype works brilliantly too thanks to Lisa’s professionalism and commitment, so when I was abroad for a long spell I didn’t have to miss our sessions and was able to make good progress! THANK YOU Lisa!!”

Katharina Dunst


Young singers:

“I’m absolutely thrilled. After just 5 basic coaching sessions I could also hit the high notes in ‘Angels’. Now I feel there are no longer any upper limits.”



“The human voice is a mirror of our inner universe. It reveals our moods, anxieties, hopes, tensions, thoughts and wishes and shows who we really are. In the professional work with Lisa Cristelli your own ability and that which lies slumbering is brought to the fore, gently but certainly in a very pleasant environment. You get outstanding voice and vocal education and with it new, better awareness about your body.”



“Dear Lisa, I am really pleased to have found you! I have been looking for a vocal coach for a long time. I got on with you right from the start and had a lot of fun with you! You are very pleasant and one really learns a lot of new things with you. Your technique is completely great and I have gained a lot from it. I feel much better when I sing because thanks to you I know that I can do it!”



Choral singers:

“A few hours of vocal training in Graz with Lisa Cristell have had a sensational effect. It was a big aha-experience for me. I no longer experience any effort, any vocal problems or any hoarseness, even though I am in my sixtieth year”.



“Through consistency, purposefulness and joyous collaboration Lisa Cristelli takes me to my limits during vocal training in order to open them up and to give me the opportunity to rediscover myself. I leave the lesson with a wonderfully relaxed body. My pleasure in singing remains into the next lesson!”

Mag.a Evi Feichtinger


Voice training, performance coaching & charisma development:

“Lisa is a fantastic woman and an incredible coach! A few years ago, invited to teach yoga on big stages and at festivals, I booked a coaching session with Lisa. She showed me techniques for being authentic on stage, how to reach people’s hearts and to completely immerse myself in doing what I love with full concentration. With her help, I could be myself so much more and give it my all! Now she is helping me learn the ukulele and sing mantras. The sessions are unbelievably enjoyable and very professional. In her skilfully easy and cheerful manner, Lisa guides you through the lessons with immense energy and inner fire. I learn quickly, precisely and well with her. She’s a professional through and through, and it is simply a pleasure to be coached by her. I always look forward to my time with her and always go home a little bit taller and stronger and with a warm heart. Thoroughly recommended!!!”

Nicki Vellick, studio owner & head yoga teacher, Budokon® Global Ambassador & Senior Teacher, Mag. rer. nat. (Psychology)


„I came to Lisa because I need to lead my Yoga classes in a Park without technical support. It was an outstanding job what Lisa did. She told me to observe my own breath at the beginning, and then she showed me some very useful skills with her big know-how, how to “use” my body to create a strong voice. I particularly like the part of being mindful of my breathing, which is very similar to some yoga practices but with the mouth open. And I feel comfortable with my voice now. I can only recommend Lisa and her work!“

Chien Fu


“After just an hour with Lisa I heard my ‘true’ voice! My colleague also noticed the difference in my voice the next day at work – he said I no longer ‘aspirated’ as much. Now I am fully motivated and have already incorporated the vocal exercises in my daily life.”



“Frau Mag. Lisa Cristelli optimally prepared me for a live television broadcast. Here she mainly made use of her profound knowledge of the human vocal apparatus, but also her great social skills. She is superb at putting herself in the intended audience’s position. During our preparation she also showed outstanding patience and understanding for her clients’ weaknesses. I can wholeheartedly recommend Frau Mag. Lisa Cristelli as a coach.”

Mag. André Zankl, lawyer


“Dear Lisa, during our work together you put your whole hand into my ‘rhetorical wound’. Painful for me? Oh no! It was with a lot of laugher and joy. Okay, it stung a bit at the moment of realisation. Since then? New, reinforcing images are a relief and present in me, as is the knowledge of what I can do differently. I was able to put a lot of uncertainty behind me. Sure, with your direct manner you also gave it to me straight – but it was about time too! THANKS for that – and you were really empathetic and patient the whole time!

My stage fright about speaking in front of large groups has remained at a ‘healthy level’ and my left hand now longer tremblingly conducts. Now I no longer have to bother with the rhetorical basics, I can finally work on the finer points. And I will certainly come back to you to do that! I’m looking forward to the next time! In fondness, petra.”

DI Petra Kohlenprath

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